Earn Satoshi Just By Viewing Websites!

We've partnered with leading PTC services so that you can easily earn extra satoshi each day just by viewing websites!

Earn Satoshi Just For Viewing Websites

bitMerlin is in the very early stages of planning it's own reward program where members can earn satoshi for visiting websites every day. If you're interested in promoting your website or would like to drive traffic to one of your referral links, then we'd love to talk with you!

In the meantime, bitMerlin has partnered with a select handful of websites where you can earn satoshi just by viewing websites, ads, and videos each and every day. Check out our list of partners below to get started!

Our Partners

KickAss Traffic

KickAss Traffic pays anywhere from 4 - 12 satoshi just for spending a few seconds on a website. Once you've viewed a website, you're rewarded and instantly brought to another website where you can do it again! KickAss Traffic offers a limited number of website advertisements each day, so keep checking in to earn more!

Your earnings can be sent instantly to your Faucet Hub account or to any other bitcoin wallet once you've met the minimum withdrawal threshold.

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Clixcoin pays anywhere between 2 - 35 satoshi across it's three different types of website ads you can view. While the average pay-per-ad tends to be a bit higher than on other networks, there is a minimum withdrawal of 20,000 satoshi before your earnings can be sent directly to your bitcoin wallet.

However most ads move relatively quickly and are reset every day, so spending some time on Clixcoin each day can really start to add up over time.

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CoinAdder is one of the oldest PTC networks around, paying a set rate of 25 satoshi for 15 seconds of viewing time. Payments are sent directly to your Faucet Hub account once you've reached the minimum withdrawal threshold of 10,000 satoshi.

Ads seem to come and go throughout the day on CoinAdder, and generally there aren't a lot at any given moment, but since they've been around for so long and are a trusted name in the community it's worth spending a few minutes on each day.

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bitverts is a relatively new player in the world of PTC networks, but shows quite a bit of promise. With a combination of website and video ads to view, members can earn up to 50 satoshi per click. They are also one of the only networks that offer multiple different types of currency that you can earn.

Withdrawals for bitcoin currently require a minimum balance of 20,000 satoshi, while other coins can be withdrawn for around 10,000 satoshi. All payments are sent directly to your crypto wallet. With a slightly higher payment rate and a wide variety of ads each day, bitverts is certainly worth checking out!

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