Use gold to purchase potions brewed in Merlin's Lab and increase your earnings!

You currently have 0 gold. Earn more in Merlin's Mine or by completing Merlin's Gauntlet.

Lesser Mining Potion

Earn 10% more satoshi for the next 4 hours when mining in Merlin's Mine.

Elixir of Charm

When you consume this potion, the next non-referred member who joins bitMerlin will become your referral.

Quicksilver Tonic

Lowers the minimum withdrawal threshold by 20% for your next withdrawal.

Elixir of Luck

Doubles your gold winnings from all games in Merlin's Faire for the next 4 hours.

Minor Potion of Fortune

Increases your chances of finding the next bounty in Merlin's Bounty for the next 4 hours.

Questing Balm

Improve your chances of winning big in Merlin's Gauntlet by eliminating the lowest paying door.