Merlin has hidden satoshi and gold within his gauntlet.

Select a door below to run the gauntlet and earn your reward. But choose wisely!
While all doors will reveal a prize, one will reward you more handsomely than the others...

What is Merlin's Gauntlet?

Merlin's Gauntlet is bitMerlin's take on a bitcoin faucet. Every 60 minutes the doors to Merlin's Gauntlet will unlock, allowing members to choose a door, run the gauntlet, and earn their reward. Members who complete the gauntlet will always earn both satoshi and gold for their trouble, but with each attempt at the gauntlet there is always one door that will reward more than the others. Which one could it be? Choose wisely...

Support for Merlin's Gauntlet is entirely driven by ads. Each time you run the gauntlet you will be required to complete a small challenge to prove that you are human before unlocking a short-link that will return you to bitMerlin so that you may claim your reward. Any attempts to circumvent the advertisements shown within the gauntlet or attempts to automate completion of the gauntlet will result in termination of your account.

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