Merlin's Challenge is currently worth 114.6903 Satoshi.

Each week, the three members who earn the most satoshi have met the challenge and will earn a reward!

What is Merlin's Challenge?

Merlin's Challenge is a weekly contest that rewards the three members who earned the most satoshi for the week. Every Sunday at midnight, three members will be rewarded for their hard work with piece of the pot, and a new challenge will begin to give every member a chance to rise to the top and meet Merlin's Challenge.

Throughout the week Merlin's Challenge will grow as members earn satoshi by mining, using our faucet rotator, and competing in Merlin's Gauntlet.

This Week's Top Earners

470.7928 satoshi
1st Place
333.3540 satoshi
2nd Place
321.8129 satoshi
3rd Place
142.9146 satoshi
4th Place
129.7691 satoshi
5th Place
125.7965 satoshi
6th Place

Any Tips On How I Can Win?

The only thing you need to do to win Merlin's Challenge is earn the most satoshi. There are no tickets, there is no raffle. Your chance of winning Merlin's Challenge is entirely up to you.

To that end, here's a few tips on maximizing your satoshi earnings:

  • You can run Merlin's Gauntlet up to 24 times a day, so that's 24 chances to earn more satoshi.

  • There are four "mini-faucets" you can claim from in the form of Bounty Quests found in Merlin's Bounty and can each be completed daily for a chance to not only win Merlin's Bounty but other rewards like satoshi, gold, or earnings- boosting potions.

  • Using our faucet rotator every day guarantees you a portion of the daily faucet bonus that is distributed the following day. The more you claim from faucets, the higher your daily faucet bonus will be.

  • If you haven't already done so, turning on background mining in Merlin's Mine is a great way to earn a little extra each day.

  • Try to meet your daily goal each day. As you earn more each day, your daily goal will begin to rise, and so will the bonus you get for reaching it.

  • Winnings from Merlin's Treasure and Merlin's Bounty both count towards your weekly satoshi earnings, so make sure to actively participate in both.

  • Referral Earnings also count towards you weekly satoshi earnings. The more active members you refer, the easier it will be to climb the ranks to the top of the challenge each week.

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