Start Earning Bitcoin Immediately!

Everything you need to start earning bitcoin rewards in minutes!

Step One: Link Your Faucet Hub & Coin Pot Accounts

If you already have a Faucet Hub and CoinPot account, head over to your profile page and add them to the Cumulative Addresses (CoinPot) and Discrete Addressess (Faucet Hub) sections.

Minimally, you'll want to enter your Faucet Hub BTC Address, since you'll need this to withdrawal your earnings once you've reach the minimum threshold. But if you plan on using our faucet rotators, it's highly recommended you enter all your wallet addresses — the faucet rotator can auto-copy addresses from your profile to your clipboard to speed up claiming.

If you don't have a Faucet Hub or CoinPot account, you can sign up for either completely free using the links below:

Step Two: Learn How to Earn (hey that rhymes)

Claim from faucets and get double the rewards. bitMerlin tracks each faucet you claim from and rewards you with extra satoshi/gold daily for the previous days activity.

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Merlin's Gauntlet is our take on boring, run-of-the-mill, bitcoin faucets. Every hour you get a chance to choose a door and run the gauntlet. But choose wisely... one door rewards even better than the others.

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With every satoshi you earn using bitMerlin, you have a chance to find Merlin's Bounty! Complete up to four daily quests to improve you chances and win extra satoshi, gold, or potion rewards.

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Visit Merlin's Web to instant satoshi payments directly to your Faucet Hub account just for visiting websites. If that wasn't enough, all earnings from Merlin's Web go directly towards your next daily faucet bonus!

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Merlin's Mine offers easy in-browser mining to earn extra satoshi & gold. Even better, our miner can be run in the background while you earn in other ways like claiming from faucets or visiting websites.

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Every week our members can use their gold for a chance to win Merlin's Treasure and the pot grows the more our members earn. As long as there is at least one player, there will be a winner! It could be you!

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Step Three: ...Profit?

Seriously, that's it!

As you can see, there are multiple ways to earn with bitMerlin and we've tried to make them all easy, straight-forward, and fun. Once you've earned enough satoshi, you can claim your satoshi and have it sent directly to you Faucet Hub account.

And you can build up referrals to earn even more without lifting a finger. It doesn't get any easier than that!