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Merlin's Fountain — Discrete Faucets

Discrete Faucets offer fixed reward at set interval of time, ranging from a few minutes to a few hours. When earning free cryptocurrency with Discrete Faucets there are no limits to the amount of time or coin you can claim provided the faucets still have funds to award.

Merlin's Fountain has an extensive, curated list of the best faucets and is designed to maximize your earnings by making sure you're only visting the highest paying available faucet to make earning smarter, faster, better.

Better yet, while using Merlin's Fountain, you'll earn bonus satoshi rewards from bitMerlin for each claim you make. Bonus rewards are typically paid daily based on our referral earnings from the previous days faucet activity, so the more that you claim, the more you can earn!

All Time Top Faucet Bonus Winners

875.9359 satoshi
1st Place
489.1718 satoshi
2nd Place
445.8050 satoshi
3rd Place
97.9924 satoshi
4th Place
76.3032 satoshi
5th Place
59.8311 satoshi
6th Place

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When you're finished claiming from faucets, use this listing to quickly gather your earnings from faucet's where you are required to withdrawal your earnings that you visited during this session.

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