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Challenge Accepted!

by  —  April 16, 2018
Challenge Accepted!

We here at bitMerlin truly believe that our members should be rewarded for the time and effort they put in to earn satoshi.  That’s why each week we host a weekly challenge named Merlin’s Challenge, where members who have earned the most satoshi over the course of the week are automatically rewarded with a little bit extra for their hard work.

Starting Sundays at midnight, anything members earn over the course of the week count towards their weekly earnings – unlike with daily goals, earnings from referrals, bonuses, treasure and bounty wins all count towards your overall weekly earnings. And once the week has ended, the challenge starts again, giving every member a chance to rise to the top and claim the prize.

The reward for Merlin’s Challenge will grow throughout the week as members claim from faucets, earn satoshi by mining, run Merlin’s Gauntlet and generally participate throughout the bitMerlin site.

For tips on how you can earn more satoshi each week and climb to the top, visit the Merlin’s Challenge page and check out Any Tips On How I Can Win? section at the bottom of the page.

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