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Earnings Boosted & Withdrawals Reduced!

by  —  April 12, 2018
Earnings Boosted & Withdrawals Reduced!

Now that we’ve been up and running a little bit and we’ve had a chance to collect some data and get a little feedback, we’ve started working on refining our reward systems.  That’s good news for you!

First, we’ve adjusted how much satoshi is allocated to Merlin’s Treasure based on member activity and as a result we’re seeing the treasure pot grow by an average of 50 – 60 satoshi each day.  That means if you haven’t yet used any of the gold you’ve earned so far by claiming from faucets, mining, or running the gauntlet, now would be a great time to start buying up tickets.

Second, you may have seen a small jump (or in some cases a big jump) in your daily faucet bonus over the past few days.  One user even earned over 100 satoshi in faucet bonuses just this morning – their daily goal was met before the day even began!  A quick tip for those interested in earning a little more on their daily faucet bonus, the bonus you get from using the discrete faucet rotator is often better than the one if you only used the cumulative faucet rotator.  That’s not to say you should stop using the cumulative faucet rotator!  Those faucets still pay wonderfully and you’ll still get a portion of the daily bonus for doing so.  But to boost that bonus, claim from some faucets in the discrete rotator as well.

Finally, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be reducing both the promotional withdrawal threshold and the “actual” withdrawal threshold effective immediately.  We’ve reduced the limited time withdrawal threshold from 3,000 satoshi down to 2,000 satoshi while reducing the “actual” withdrawal threshold from 10,000 satoshi down to 5,000 satoshi.  We’ve already got a couple users nearing their first withdrawal, and a few more that are only a few days of faucet bonuses, gauntlet runs, and with a little luck a treasure win away from claiming their satoshi.

That’s all for now but be sure to stay tuned in – we’ve got a couple of new features that we’re working that we’re excited about and a couple changes in the works to help our members earn more every day.

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