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Get Goal Oriented

by  —  April 8, 2018
Get Goal Oriented

bitMerlin is proud to announce another new feature to help our members earn more satoshi daily… daily goals!

Each day bitMerlin gives you the opportunity to earn a little more by meeting a daily goal.  The daily goal is displayed on your account dashboard/welcome screen and will give you a run down of what today’s goal is, the amount of satoshi you have earned towards that goal, and the bonus you’ll get upon reaching that goal.

Satoshi awarded for claiming from Merlin’s Fountain, mining in Merlin’s Mine, and running Merlin’s Gauntlet all count towards your daily goal.  Referral Earnings, winnings from Merlin’s Treasure and Merlin’s Bounty, as well as other bonuses, such as your initial sign up bonus, do not count towards your daily goal.

The daily goal is calculated automatically based on your your earnings from the previous week, so daily goals should always be obtainable for members.

The daily goal will reset each day at midnight EST, so make sure to get your earnings in for the day before then and good luck!

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